About CUCD

The Carleton University Crash Dummy (CUCD) project is a 4th year project in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University. CUCD was developed in 2012 in order to provide the Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering students with a relevant capstone project to complement the courses in their degree.

The purpose of CUCD is to perform a functional collision between a moving vehicle and bicycle. All aspects of the crash and dummy, including the biomechanics, dynamics, and sensing & instrumentation, are carried out by students.

To volunteer with CUCD, learn more, or for general questions, please contact the 2015-2016 project coordinator, Jasmine Shaw, at jasmineshaw@cmail.carleton.ca.


Project Coordinator: Jasmine Shaw
Biomechanics: Luke Steiginga
Crash Dynamics: Robert Piggot
Sensing & Instrumentation: Massie Arueyingho


Biomechanics: Hanspeter Frei
Crash Dynamics: Andrew Speirs
Sensing & Instrumentation: Mojtaba Ahmadi

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